Nov 8, 2010

The Monkey King

Haven't been drawing in a long time. My Mac has been sluggish lately, so it kept me from doing any kind of art whatsoever. I couldn't even use Photoshop in real time. I would use the pen, and about a minute later my line would slowly show up on the screen. One day last week I realized that I only had about 525mb yeah.. time for an upgrade. After spending an excruciating long day at the computer store - a computer store that even though had all the latest fixings, felt slightly like time had forgotten it. It had a definitely 90's vibe to the place, which made sense, since the service was done in 1/3 speed. Technically, they probably were still in the 90s. Anyway, after tech guy told me that they could install new ram, and then couldn't install said new ram, and then could...could not, could...could NOT... I walked out of the store around 6pm, with extra 2gigs or new memory. Mac seems fixed now...and wow. what a difference. I've never been able to draw as quickly before. It made all the difference.

Here's a little sketch from tonight. The Monkey King (from Chinese Mythology)