Nov 11, 2009

Space Race

Doing another CHOW challenge. This week you have to design a jouster, who races in the most famous sporting competition in the year 2703. The jousters ride on hovering steeds and the whole thing is corporate sponsored.

I never do far off sci-fi concepts, so this kind of fun.

So here's my take: I started thinking about the Il Palio horse races in Siena, Italy and how the before-hand there are these elaborate parades showcasing real Renaissance style armor. That got me thinking.

What if in the 2700's they do the same thing with us. They put on these elaborate jousting competitions to mimic the real space race that went on when man first left the confines of Earth. Each side dons, old-tech inspired suits, similar to the genesis NASA suits and Cosmonaut ones.

So I'm going for an illustration that kind of represents that ideal. The suit is kind of generic right now, and isn't going to look exactly like our current day suits...but along those lines. I hope to still make it look very futuristic.

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