May 19, 2009

Life, and some comic painting too

It's been a busy couple of months.  In all honesty, I haven't done much art.  My father's cancer is nearing the end now and a friend of mine, someone I just met in early March, was shot and killed on May 6th (by a sad, horrible individual/stalker).   My mind has been elsewhere these days.

But.  Comic-con is right around the corner.  And I need to produce some artwork to show around.  Chris and I are making an art-book, with a little comic preview of a story we're both working on; The Curse of the WereWhale -- or something titled to that effect.

 I have five pages in the story, with the hopes that at least one page is painted finished and the others a pencil finished.    

Here's page one.  Long way to go, but I'm just trying to get something going.  

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