Mar 3, 2009

The Queen's Consort


Another week, another CHOW.

Brief:  The Queen's Consort.  {Free reign}

After sketching around a bit, I decided on going for an old Elf King.   He was once a proud warrior, and due to social customs ended marrying the Queen.  He quickly found out, though, that the role carried with it no power.  It was mostly ceremonial in nature and he found it completely boring.   To show this, I drew him leaning back in his chair, while gazing down at the floor, bored, and perhaps recalling more interesting days.  I also wanted to play around with light and shadows in a narrative way.  The shadow on the right is going to be the Queen standing.  As much as the King wishes to edge away from her, from his role, she (by using the shadow), keeps him in place.  Even the shadow of her staff (her power) cages him in place.  He has little room to go.


Kraxpelax said...
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Chris Gugliotti said...

i'm diggin this. you put so much thought into your composition. like a real artist. shadow behind his head is cool. lookin a little willie nelson.