Feb 17, 2009

E.G. Brownstone: Paranormal Investigator

Decided to do a CHOW (Character of the Week) over at ConceptArt.org.

E.G. Brownstone: Paranormal investigator; Open interpretation.

Here's what i came up with -

To many in the public, E.G was a normal senior citizen. He lived alone, in a quiet apartment building and kept to himself. He had no family and spoke to few. Many passed him by and would fail to even notice him.

In certain circles, however, E.G was very well known. In fact, he was a legend to some of those in the paranormal underworld. He spent a life time building a reputable career investigating mysteries from all over the world, from all walks of life, dead and alive. He was the best. He never let a case go unsolved.

But during the mid 1970's, at the age 73, mysteries began swirling about E.G himself. Rumors that flew in the face of everything E.G. had built. Many began suspecting a hidden past, covered up and long forgotten. Some even suspected that E.G. was much, much older than he let on. People began questioning his entire career and his successes.

Who really is E.G. Brownstone? Hmmmm



Chris Gugliotti said...

got kinda a donad sutherland meets comissioner gordan thing. dig the tentacle suitcase. where do they post these challenges?

Jason Snair said...

Yeah, that's kind of what I had in mind. Mix those with my grandfather and that's it.

My story for him is that he's like 400 years old...so I might show the progression of age thru the last 4 centuries. He not immortal, just ages to his own tune. Like maybe he steals ghosts energy or something like that.