Jan 12, 2009

The Troll Gang

Over at ArtgasmChallenge.blogspot.com, this weeks challenge is come up with 10 characters for a group of thieves. Decided to go with a gang of Trolls.

Vox: Eldest member of the group. Not very smart, but always gets his loot.
Nuc: Treasure guard.
The Twins: Usually they're used for small ambushes. They hide just off the road to the village and make away with small steals.
Ztirf: Disfigured...even for a troll. He's smart, strong, and prideful.
Troll King: This guy's the leader. Pretty much hordes the loot for himself.
Ruz: He's the King's brother. Has a Napoleon complex, and secretly tries to take over operations.
Buc: A good thief, but is getting older. He's loyal to Ruz and is helping him out.
Kuno: Guards the hide-out.
Larnu. Essentially he's the accountant. He's scrawny and doesn't steal much. He's the only one the King trust to 'handle' the treasure.

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