Aug 3, 2008

Back to reality!

It's August.  Seems like the summer flew right by.   I came back from Comic-con on Tuesday and I'm now back at work.   Con always leaves me with so much inspiration.  Sometimes it feels like an overload and you're not quite sure what's going to stick and what will be forgotten.   I'm made some cool contacts out in CA and hopefully, maybe something will pan out.    In the mean time, I'm determined more than ever to make some outstanding art. the very least - just get better. 

Here's two pieces I did this weekend.  The first is my interpretation of what the Riddler would look like if he appeared in Nolan's Batman movies.  It was done for the CHOW challenge over at  Lots of fun.    The second is for an Artgasm challenge.  (Artgasm is a myspace page that my friend Chris and I started.  It's just a way for us to throw out challenges to each get better and motivate each other when we're not doing other art work.)  This one was for a challenge that I started called:  "Feathers, Metal and Stars"  The challenge was to come up with a character that had all 3 elements.  You could add more if needed, but you had to design those 3 things somehow.    So I'm going for Gothic Queen.  Feathers for the Head dress, Metal corset, and Star stockings.  I plan on painting it this weeks.  

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